LWB Connect

Rules and Regulations

Please read below for the rules and regulations regarding expected behavior online. 


     There will be no abusive, foul, derogatory, or hateful language towards any one person or group of people. This group is focused on encouragement, positivity, and social support. 

Do not advertise your business on this group. Keep all posts and comments on topic with relevant information as per what relates to the ‘Forge’ Wellness Initiative.

All opinions will be treated with mutual respect, unless they violate the aforementioned rules. Treat fellow group members with that same respect.

Do not post graphic, nude, or disturbing photos, videos, and other media in this group. If you are not sure about the content that you want to post, email the group admin.

Posting more than 5 discussions on the same day needs to be justified to the group admin, or it will be considered spam.

If a member personally attacks another member with words that are harmful, threatening, or not in-line with our mutual respect policy, or violates any of the other established rules, that member will receive 1 warning. A following infraction will result in a removal or ban from the group.