2021 FORGE Wellness Initiative

The purpose for this new Recreation initiative is to promote individual ‘Wellness’ by educating about the various areas of wellness to the Lake Worth Beach Community. Our goal is that by incorporating all the digital tools available and creating a social support system, we will increase participants’ Wellness Goal’s successes for each quarter of 2021. So far so good, as you’re here reading on our new digital tool, ‘Connect LWB’!

Embark on this Wellness Journey with us into the 2021 New Year. Participating will allow you to forge new goals, habits, community relationships, and a personal pathway to wellness. Throughout the year we will split goals, activities, and learning opportunities into 3-month quarters. Anyone can jump in and join any time. There will be special prizes awarded at the conclusion of each quarter. If you wish to participate to get points, you can email responses or proof of activity completion to iperezlugo@lakeworthbeachfl.gov. However, posting in the FORGE groups or forums will allot 100 extra points. The first quarter will have prizes for Top 10!

This chart below will highlight scoring opportunities. We will continue posting as time progresses. You can currently find information on how to create SMART Goals and join the Step challenge. Stay tuned for follow up posts!

Q1 CategoriesPoints
Periodic weekly activity25 points
Step Challenge Participation200 points
Step Challenge Top 3 Finalist50 points
Forum Posts100 Points
SMART Goals75 Points
Vision Board75 Points
Initial Assessment75 Points

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