FORGE Wellness Initiative – Q2 ‘Rise Challenge’

The road through 2021 is long but rewarding! Recreation is here to support you on your Wellness Journey with FORGE’s new ‘Rise Challenge’ that will feature trying new things you’ve never done and touch on Connect’s 3 pillars: Mind, Body, and Community. For the next 6 weeks, we will feature one activity each week to be completed on your own or with friends. The 2 weeks at the end will be catch-up weeks for those who had any hiccups but still want to complete the Challenge.

Post pictures of yourself completing these activities on in our FORGE Wellness Group and support others along the way!

Week 1 (5/31-6/5): 3 Never-Before-Tried Nutritious Home Cooked Meals

Week 2 (6/6-6/12): 3 New-to-You Physical Exercises

Week 3 (6/13-6/19): Attempting A New Healthy Habit or Hobby Everyday for the Week

Week 4 (6/20-6/26): Volunteer within yourCommunity

Weeks 5-6 (6/27-7/10) – Catchup Weeks

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